Car Shift Knob Hoodie

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Treat your car to a Gear Shift Hoodie!

Keeps Shifter Warm — It’s a cold winter day and you’re driving to work. Your hands are freezing, and you’re shivering uncontrollably. Suddenly, you glance down at your gear shift knob, and there it is a tiny hoodie sweatshirt keeping it warm and toasty. You can’t help but smile at how adorable it looks.

You can use the car gear knob cover for both manual and automatic vehicles such as cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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  • Premium Quality Material

Our gear shift cover is expertly crafted from sumptuously soft velvet fabric, renowned for its plushness, comfort, and exceptional durability, ensuring extended use.

  • Universal Fit

With a length of 6.7 inches, this gear shift knob cover boasts a universal size, making it suitable for a wide range of car gearshift levers.

  • Soft & Comfortable

The velvety fabric of this hoodie cover offers a delightful tactile experience while providing a comfortable grip for your hand.

  • Easy Maintenance

Designed for your convenience, the car shift knob hoodie cover is machine-washable, making cleaning effortless and ensuring quick drying.

  • Functional Design

Engineered for practicality, this cover protects your auto parts from potential damage, scratches, and dust. Its sleek and elegant appearance facilitates easy installation. Moreover, it can be effortlessly removed and remains resistant to shrinking, ensuring it retains its form.

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